On making money online

People want to make more money, so they start with a simple Google search, which leads them down the rabbit hole into the cesspool of internet marketers.

The self-styled "How to Make Money" gurus and hype peddlers. They are nothing more than swindlers looking to take advantage of desperate people.

Almost all of them make more money selling courses than by following through on their own advice. They are able to do this so well in part because they understand the target audience's pain and struggles.

The guru's backstory begins with how he or she was once like you, slaving away at their 9-5 with a mountain of credit card debt. Then they discovered the world of stock investing / bitcoin trading / shopify / amazon fba /coaching / affiliate marketing /coaching .

They then proceed to sell you an overpriced course that is always framed as an "Investment" to justify the exorbitant price and contains generic principles that you already knew.

This is known as the "Make money online (MMO)" niche, and it is the most popular for courses after health and fitness.

So, how exactly do you make money online?

If you think about it critically rather than relying on a course. You will conclude that money is made when something is sold. It could be either a product or a service. And the quickest way to make money is to try to imitate whoever you see making money.

However, there is a catch: starting any type of business necessitates an unfair advantage in the form of insight into what is lacking in the product or service of others. which is usually gained through experience gained by scouting the market or talking to customers

All business models work, but because business results are rarely linear, most people give up before they gain any traction. Those who live long enough can reap the benefits.