On Happiness

The majority of individuals feel stuck in life. having to get up every day to go to work, where they spend much of the day handling politics while attempting to protect themselves. The other half is spent on a mindless chore while seated in front of a computer. They barely have any control over their surroundings or even their time. However, it offers a consistent payment at the end of each month that covers the expenses and provides the necessities of modern life.

Over time, this turns into a significant source of sadness and discontent. People gradually lose interest in routine activities, and psychiatric professionals classify this as depression.

Before the internet, people could get by and yet attempt to advance while maintaining some sort of mental sanity. But in the era of the internet, this has become incredibly challenging.

Social media creates a halo around people who are wealthier, more attractive, and appear to have more "fun" lives than you. This creates a sense of scarcity.

The news media, on the other hand, is constantly emphasising the negative: murders and tragedies. Making you paranoid and squeezing out any remaining courage you may have.

You must actively control the information you consume in order to maintain a neutral mood. Content has the greatest influence on your mind. Then engage in "productive" activities that distract you from your problems. Passive activities such as watching TV or even reading do not qualify.

As long as no tragedy has occurred. There is no reason for you to be depressed.