Hardy Mariner

On making money online

April 26, 2021

People are desperate to earn more money, So they start with a simple google search which leads them down the rabbit hole into the cesspool of internet marketers.

The self proclaimed “How to make money” gurus and hype pedlars. They are nothing but hucksters trying to capitalise of individuals desperate for money.

Almost all of them make more money selling courses than by actually implementing their own advice. Part of the reason they are able to do this so well is that they understand the target audience very well their pain and struggles.

First comes a backstory about the guru, How he or she was just like you slaving away at their 9-5 with lots of credit card debt. Then they discovered the world of stock investing / bitcoin trading / shopify / amazon fba /coaching / affiliate marketing etc etc and solved all their money problems.

They then proceed to sell you an overpriced course which is always framed as an “Investment” to justify the ridiculous price being charged for it and contains generic principles which you already knew.

This niche is called “Make money online (MMO)” and tends to be the most popular one for courses after health and fitness.

So the question remains, how do you make money online ?

If you critically think about it instead of relying on some course. You’ll come to the conclusion that money is made when something gets sold. It can be a product or a service. And the fastest way to make cash is to try and model whoever you come across as making money.

There is a catch however, starting any kind of business requires an unfair advantage in form of insight into what is missing in other peoples product or service. which is most often gained through experience by scouting the marketplace or talking to customers.

All business models work , But since business results tend to be non linear so most people quit before they see any kind of traction. Those who survive long enough are able to reap the profits.

Written by Sahil Kamra

© 2021