Hardy Mariner

On Happiness

April 20, 2021

Most people feel stuck in their life. Having to wake up every day to go to a job, Where most of their day is spent managing politics trying to defend themselves. The other half is spent working behind a computer doing a mind numbing task. They have very little control of their environment or even their time. But it provides a steady paycheck at the end of every month which pays the bills and provides basic comforts that modern life offers.

This becomes a major cause of unhappiness and discontent over time. Slowly people lose interest in daily activities and psychiatrists diagnose it as depression.

Pre internet, individuals used to get by and were able to maintain some level of mental sanity while still trying to push forward. However in the internet age this has become extremely difficult.

Social Media creates a hallow around people richer , better looking and with seemingly more “Fun” lives than you. This causes a feeling of lack.

News media on the other hand constantly highlights the negative: the murders, the tragedies. Slowly making you paranoid and squeezing out whatever little courage you have inside you.

So to maintain a neutral mood, You must actively control the information you consume. Content has the maximum impact on your mind. And then engage in “productive” activities that make you forget about your problems. Passive activities like watching TV or even reading don’t count.

As long as a tragedy has not befallen. There is no reason for you to be in a negative mood.

Written by Sahil Kamra

© 2021